About CFNP

A word from the CrossFit North Pasadena staff:

Hello and welcome to CrossFit North Pasadena.

We would like to take a second to tell you a bit about our coaches, coaching philosophy and our gym. At CrossFit North Pasadena you will notice a different atmosphere from the first moment you set foot inside our doors.

With an emphasis on “community” our gym is tight-knit to say the least. With various in-gym events and other social get-togethers not only are you joining a gym, but you are also joining a family. Our gym has had very humble beginnings, and we have pledged to never forget those first workouts in the back yard no matter how large we may grow.

With a combined 32 years of experience, our coaching staff takes pride in being the most knowledgeable, caring, and personable instructors you will ever meet. We consider every member to be a personal project; whether it is an increase in weight lifted or a decrease in body fat. We love to see our members set goals and conquer them in a systematic and scientifically backed method. At CFNP we instruct with the approach of “sweat the small stuff”. We know that with small changes come great results and our instructors keep that in-mind when teaching classes as well as working with individuals.

After your first class you will want to come back for another workout, after a week you’ll want to come in to feel better, and after a month you’ll want to come back to see the people you miss.

Meet the coaching team…

CrossFit North Pasadena Battle of the Boxes

CrossFit North Pasadena
3636 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 537-9348
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