Gabriel Perez

Owner/Head Instructor

Gabriel began his coaching career at the age of 12 when he became the assistant coach for a youth football team; within 4 years he was the head coach of his own team at Kare Youth League and continued coaching for another 11 years. From teaching K-5th grades as a P.E. teacher to personally training private clients, Gabriel has dabbled in all types of fitness. Gabriel found CrossFit in 2009 after being sidelined by a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu injury. Once he realized that he could compete in CrossFit, he considered CrossFit his new sport and never looked back. Gabriel graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.A. in Counseling Psychology, and was determined to open his own box someday. In November of 2011 that dream became a reality. He has been able to maintain a competitive edge while simultaneously owning his box, and has found himself competing at one of the highest levels in CrossFit. In May of 2012 Gabriel ranked 25th in Southern California, one of the highest populated CrossFit regions in the world. Gabriel takes pride in not only being one of the youngest CrossFit box owners but also one of the most successfully competitive CrossFitters in the Southern California area.

James Corsini


Like Gabe, James began his coaching career at Kare Youth League as an assistant coach when he was 12 years old, instructing football to fifth graders. James has over 7 years of coaching experience and over 15 years of athletic competition experience. He began doing CrossFit in the fall of 2011 when Gabe told him he was starting up his own box. Never being the strongest or fastest guy when he was playing sports, he relied on his work ethic and mental toughness to guide him on the field. He takes the same approach to CrossFit. His discipline, love for teaching and energetic disposition makes him a great competitor and instructor. In addition to his activities at the box, James is a musician and has a B.S. in Sociology from the University of La Verne.

David Guerrero


David’s athletic career started at the age of 4 when he joined Kare Youth League, a year-round sports program based in Arcadia, CA. From that point on he continued to play sports year-round until his graduation from high school. Though always being athletically involved this did not stop David from becoming overweight and upon ceasing athletic competition after high school his weight ballooned up to 250lbs. In the Spring of 2008 he decided to make a change and began his weight-loss journey and in June of 2010 David successfully completed a half-marathon. After several more months of running and occasional weight-training David became bored with the routine and sought out something new, this is when he stumbled onto the wonderful world of CrossFit. He was immediately hooked. Having always been the shortest guy on the football field, David always got by with his intensity and attention to detail. These are qualities he continues to focus on in his CrossFit lifestyle. From nutrition to competition preparation, it is clear to see that David exhibits a dedication necessary to be successful in this sport.


Brian Owen


Brian is not the sort of coach with a long and diverse fitness background. Here is where the story begins:
Back in 2008 I was just like many folks that walk in the door to a Crossfit gym: scrawny, weak, and dateless. But I did have one thing that every good crossfitter needs. Stubbornness. There were no CrossFit gyms in all of San Gabriel Valley at the time, so I started working out with my roommate. He had a friend that taught a “CrossFit” class at his apartment gym every friday at 6am. I went every week. I tried to teach myself everything I could. I’d do kipping pull ups on the pull up bar at the park by my apartment. I’d read and skim for workouts that required no equipment, since I basically didn’t have any. I’d work out in the “fitness room” at my apartment, or anyplace outside where I wouldn’t get too many funny looks. Even in those early days, I saw immediate results. It taught me that intensity and the desire to make progress counted for a lot more than fancy equipment and clever programming.
In mid 2009 I figured I’d done as much as I could on my own and joined CrossFit Monrovia. It was like a new home. I took the level 1 Certification in Fall of 2011 and have been coaching nonstop since then. I have a special empathy for anyone that walks in the gym wondering if they can really make a chance. You can. I’m no longer scrawny and weak, and my wife Sarah and I have date night every Sunday.


Javier Perez


Javier grew up in the San Gabriel Valley playing competitive sports, swimming, and riding bikes with his family. Javier has over 15 years coaching experience and at age 12 he began volunteer as a coach at Kare Youth League. Javier continued to coach year around sports up until his he graduation from Cal State Fullerton. Trying to remain active he competed in Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu before deciding to give CrossFit a try in 2011 after his brother, Gabe, yes they are brothers, decided to open his own box. From the backyard to the new location on Colorado Blvd., Javier has been hooked to the sport of CrossFit, and loves how it helps individuals reach their full athletic potential. In his spare time Javier enjoys web programming and actually designed this mega awesome site (you’re welcome). Javier loves long walks to the bathroom and everything zombie related. He also feels that CrossFit has adequately prepared him for the impending zombie apocalypse.


Tawny Drain

CrossFit Kids Instructor

Tawny began her athletic career at the young age of 4 playing tee ball, basketball, soccer, and track. This was largely due to her father being the athletic director of Rio Hondo Prep high school and head varsity coach of the football and basketball teams; along with his connection to Kare Youth League, an after school sports program for children. Unfortunately, at the age of 12, Tawny was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease, polycystic ovarian disease. Among other things, this disease caused an enlarged spleen that was unprotected and she had to stop playing sports which was very difficult to do. Tawny started coaching young girls (ages 6 to 13) at the Kare Youth League in Arcadia. She taught basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball. Coaching the girls gave her great joy, but due to medications she had to take and a lack of physical activity, over the years Tawny started gaining weight and was unhappy with herself. In the summer of 2011, Gabriel (Tawny’s close friend) called and asked if he could train her in CrossFit. He would not charge her, but rather in exchange for his time, she would be a model of what CrossFit can do for someone. She agreed even though she wasn’t thrilled about it. In the first couple of months she got hooked and now competes regularly. Within the first year I had lost 82 pounds! She was thrilled to be a participating in sports again, and also to be healthy and fit. CrossFit had given her, her life back. Starting in August 2013, Tawny became head of the CrossFit kids program and loves every minute of it. For about a year, she also worked with special needs kids (mostly autistic) in their homes.

Children are definitely her passion and to work with kids involving CrossFit is a dream!


Veronica Aguirre


Veronica grew up in north east Los Angeles and was involved in a variety of sports and teams throughout her childhood. All through college she had memberships at 24 Hour Fitness and the Cal State Fullerton rec center and was a self proclaimed gym rat. She would work out four to five days a week and was constantly on a search for maximum results. In the summer of 2011 she began CrossFit at the CFNP pre site establishment in the back yard of Gabriel Perez. In addition to crossfit Veronica participates in the occasional mud run and eventually began judging then competing in local CF competitions. In the fall of 2013 she took the CrossFit Level 1 training course and passed. This transition seemed like a natural progression to everyone who has trained with her and been on the receiving end of her advice and encouragement. You can now see her at CFNP on average five days a week pushing past her limits and comfort zone. She likes unicorns and bacon but not together, unless that becomes socially acceptable.


Abe Yao


My crossfit journey started during the summer of 2011 in Orange County, as I was searching for a solution to my lower back problems. For years, I worked hard to stay fit and healthy, but poor form while squatting and deadlifting at the gym started to catch up with me. Long-time friends suggested that I give crossfit a shot, as it was a good way to strengthen my core and body overall. I was a little hesitant at first, but ultimately I decided to give it a try. After my first workout, I was hooked. The wods were more than your traditional gym routines (bi’s/tri’s, chest/back, & legs/shoulders), and the constant variation pushed me to challenge myself at every workout. After my first month, I noticed that the pain in my lower back had completely gone, allowing me to stop taking anti-inflammatories and pain medication. Long story short, crossfit improved my quality of life, and I was eager to share my experience with others. As a coach, one of my favorite things to hear from our athletes is how crossfit challenges you, and ultimately, how it can change your life.



Francisco Rodriguez


Bio Coming Soon

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