18.2 & 18.2A

As goes the usual brutal duality of CrossFit, you cannot be only fast, nor can you only be strong; but you must be fast enough to show your strength. 18.2 is a burner couplet meant to display your engine, just as much as 18.2A is a max lift meant to display your raw power. Whenever workouts like these get released it's fun to play both sides and see what route would be best, "Should I pace the couplet, but may have to rush my lifts? Or should I sprint through the couplet and hope I can recover in time to get my heaviest lift?" As usual in CrossFit, the answer is both, you need to go fast and be strong; but don't worry, we won't leave you hanging there...scroll down to see how we can plan this attack out.

18.2 (DB FS and Burpee Couplet)

The elephant in the room is that burpees suck, there we said it. The burpees will likely be the culprit of exhaustion in 18.2 so plan a moderate pace here, DO NOT go fast out of the gate simply because the first few rounds are going to be quick and breezy, lots of people will do this and regret it when they're facing the set of seven burpees. Instead push the pace a bit on the DB FS movements, this weight is not terribly heavy for what we normally squat, and if anything dropping those DBs prematurely will eat into your time too much. Even the rep scheme in this couplet is evil. We all know that increasing ladders mess with our heads so prepare yourself for that (hint: rep schemes 1-10 always equal 55 reps) so if you feel super confident when you're on the 4's and it's only been two minutes, check yourself, you have 51 more reps to go.

Honeybadger Strategy Tips

1. Try to have your DBs set up just barely off to the side of the barbell your jumping over, it's a minor adjustment but it'll save you a few steps.

2. Try to avoid standing up all the way before jumping over the barbell. I know this sounds silly, but keeping your legs loaded is a great way to simply bounce right up and over the barbell.

3. Don't sweat the grip on the DBs. The rules state that the DBs must be resting on the shoulders, but also clearly state that the grip doesn't need to remain on the DBs. Be careful as this is one of those rules that may receive extra clarification on in a few days, but as of now, don't overthink the grip.

18.2A (1RM Clean)

Did you ever play Red Light - Green Light as a kid? Ok great, let's revisit that concept. What you are going to do is decide on three weights, and these weights will be dictated by your confidence level. Your Green weight is going to be a weight you know you can hit in your sleep. This is what we call "Banking a Lift," get that lift under your belt, guarantee yourself a score, and warm up your clean all in one foul swoop. The next weight is the Yellow weight, this is going to be a lift you hope you can hit, consider putting your current 1RM in this slot. You expect to hit this weight, but hey...burpees am I right? Finally we get to your Red weight, this is the weight you wish you could hit. If you are at the Red weight, you've hit your current 1RM via the Yellow weight a minute ago, so you're floating on cloud nine, so ride that confidence into a new 1RM.

Honeybadger Strategy Tips

1. Everybody will reach a point where they have 30 or 40 seconds left before time expires. You get zero credit for finishing your lift early. So milk the clock. There is not benefit to hitting your lift with 20 seconds to spare, but there is huge benefit in resting for an extra 20 seconds to hit that final lift.

2. Right from the get-go, put 1/2 lb or 1 lb plates on your barbell, and place your actual big weights next. A) These will break any ties you may hit with other people's lifts by out-lifting them by 1 or 2 lbs, B) You'll probbaly forget they're even there and you'll hit bigger lifts than you thought.

3. Please please please be sure your green weight is actually a green weight. What we need to be sure of is that no first lift is missed. This is a good chance to bank a lift, and also get your confidence rising after that nasty couplet.

Last but not least guys, have fun. The Open is meant to be a test of you vs. you. This workout is no different, have fun strategizing; even more fun pushing yourself, and then go take a nap. See you guys at the box!

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