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August Member of the Month - Melanie Murdock

Lately, summertime has been overloaded with superhero movies, so it's only appropriate that our Member of the Month for August has a superhero name: Melanie Murdock! Mel, as we all know her by, is a force of nature at CFNP. Few match her in the encouragement and cheering on of others. (She's probably even called you "mamma" at some point.) She's one powerful radiator who brings up the mood of the gym just by being there. Now let's hear about her in her own words:

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I started CrossFit about a year ago right around September.

What made you try CrossFit?

I started at a regular gym like everyone else has done, yet wasn’t getting what I wanted. I wanted something that would push my body not only physically but mentally as well.

What has been your biggest accomplishment while at CFNP?

I finally got my first toes to bar! WOOO (thanks Ellie and Tawny), but more so just seeing the amazing physical transformation as well.

What’s the best thing(s) about CFNP?

Honestly the people that are there. I went to other boxes before CNFP just to try them out and I just did not feel right there. CNFP might not have the best or the newest things, yet the community is something that is unchangeable. Every single person will listen to you, help you, and support you. It is not often that you have a place where you know you will be challenged yet supported no matter how fast or how long it takes you.

Which class time do you most commonly attend?

I am a regular of the 9am class

Are you interested in competing at some point?

I would love too. It looks like it would be something fun to do.

Do you have any advice for someone on the fence about trying CrossFit or joining CFNP?

If you are thinking about it just dive in. Honestly, there is no harm in coming in for a class or just observing. I was on the fence about it for a good 2 months. Yet the more I would try to forget about it then the more I would regret not signing up.

What keeps you motivated?

My son, Charlie, keeps me motivated. He is my world and my life. I want to show him what it is like to have a healthy lifestyle, which incorporates fitness into daily life.

How has CrossFit changed your life?

When I started at CFNP I was in a really rough mental space, yet I am not one to let anyone know most days weren’t sunshine and rainbows. I did not know who I was, where I wanted to go or even if I wanted to get out of bed that day. I was going through a custody battle, got dumped by someone I thought I was going to marry next to a dumpster, and working at a place I knew I wasn’t called to be at. One “mom juice” filled night I was looking up CrossFit gyms and found CFNP. I came to a 9am class and instantly bonded with another girl, Edith, who just started and was lost like me. From then on, the 9am class became my family giving me strength beyond words. I enrolled back into school, have my MSN degree projected in 3 years and finally finding myself again. The community gave me the strength, drive and determination to push through no matter how many times I failed.

What has been your favorite workout and why?

OOOO you know just that brutal 4th of July Challenge (NOT)… but seriously anything with wall balls. I love the wall balls.

What is your favorite cheat item?

Beer for sure. I’m a huge IPA lover and I can’t give it up. Or the pork belly ramen or the doughnuts... I’m a huge foodie

What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym?

Going to the beach. It is a workout because my son is still too little to go by himself so the whole time I have to carry him. If we are swimming, he is on my back with me kicking and then he will make me hold him to squat up and down to pick up shells.

Anything I missed that you would like to share?

I just want to say thank you to everyone. Honestly it has been a blast sweating with you and thank you for putting up with my crazy antics!

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