CrossFit Open 18.1

And just like that...we are underway!

As promised Dave Castro has kept us on our toes and added a twist to a movement we already practice...Hang Power Clean and Jerk with a DB! Fret not folks, we have seen single-arm overhead movements before; and we are ready. However in already doing this workout once, and even before taking it head-on, I knew one thing, this workout is NOT about the Dumbell at all. Don't get me wrong, it is a challenging movement, but it is meant to distract you from the main movement (which in my opinion has a much larger impact on scoring). But first let pick this workout apart piece by piece.


Whenever a workout is twenty minutes long it is best not to sugarcoat it, this is a long WOD. Which means it's all about pacing, have an idea of what kind of pace you want to keep, and have your judge hold you to it. This give you breadcrumbs along the way, each time you complete a round on pace it's a "win," do that a few more times and you've already put a dent in that long twenty minutes. Keep your head down, put on your blinders, and stick with your pace.


These bad boys are magic, round one they can feel great, then round two you are flailing on the PU rig like a spider monkey just trying to get a few reps. Break these up early and often, what we don't want is that one painfully slow rep where your toes don't quite hit the bar and you waste a great effort. A good rule of thumb, always stop one rep before you think you may fail a rep. If you are doubting if that next rep will happen, you are better off coming down, shaking out your arms, and then jumping up for a guaranteed good rep!


This is why we are resting a bit extra on the TTBs, so that we can push through these bad boys a bit faster. Try to avoid doing more than two sets at a time. Otherwise you will end up doing way more work by dropping the DB and picking it back up. For those of you feeling extra frisky, try to switch hands right after your first five reps so that you don't have to put the DB all the way back onto the floor. When you get tired, anytime you drop that DB is going to add way more time in gathering yourself, and then picking it back up.


You know how we talked about pacing earlier? You remember how I said there was a movement hidden in the workout that will eat up all your time? Yeah well that's right here. Pick. A. Pace. and stick with it. I was guilty of this my first time trying out this workout. I started out with a great Cal/Hr pace. I felt terrific. Like a high

school graduate with diploma-in-hand that could take on the world, then BAM! My pace fell off, and it was very tough to try to get it back on track. If this workout had one most important aspect, it would be keeping your pace on the rower. It is very easy on a rower to begin to lose seconds gradually across twenty minutes.


Overall guys, you have to treat the CrossFit Open for what it is, a five week long journey, with 18.1 simply being stop #1. I know we all get hyped up for 18.1, and we tend to lose sight that in five weeks we will still be doing the Open. So you have to view 18.1 in one of two ways:

1) "This workout is not my jam!" That is ok, not all of them will be, then you are treating this workout as damage control, do your best, that is all. Try not to stress it too much, give it your best go, but do not get discouraged. There is a good chance next week will be more up your alley.

2) "Booyah this is mine!" Great, next week may not be, so you need to go after this with all you have! Assume next week is going to be a WOD you hate, so take advantage of this opportunity and get after this workout!

Last but not least enjoy this folks. This is your chance to find the ultimate baseline, the best snapshot of where you are in your fitness journey. At the end of five weeks you will have a number, in a sport where we love quantification, a number is what we crave. So work hard, get your number, and then you will have a baseline for future Opens. Have fun and give it hell.

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