January Member of the Month - Elise Cardenas

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

What can be said about our January member of the month? In our opinion, not enough.  This is the first time that we have chosen a teenager to be our Member of the Month and we can think of no better person to kick that off with than Elise Cardenas. Ellie has been a staple at CFNP for a long time and she is a young embodiment of everything that we hope to instill in our members as CrossFit athletes. After all, how many teenagers do you know that will come and train every day at 5am to prepare for a weightlifting meet? Often, you will see Ellie at the gym going through some brutal workout that Gabe has cooked up for her but day in and day out she comes, she pursues and she improves without complaint. As we all look to the New Year and we start to ask ourselves what sort of goals we should set let's remember that this year alone Ellie has made some major gains and she is far from being done. When you see her in the gym, be sure to give her a high five and congratulate her on what has been a long time coming. Thank you, Ellie for being our first 2018 Member of the Month!!

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I’ve been CrossFitting for five years. The past three have been at CFNP :)

What made you try CrossFit?

My dad introduced me to CrossFit. I used to have to wait for him to finish working out at CrossFit Monrovia, and eventually I got so

bored I finally decided to try it for myself. I was hooked by the time the warm-up finished.

What has been your biggest accomplishment while at CFNP?  

Competition wise, competing in Nationals for youth weightlifting would be my greatest accomplishment. However, these past few months I’ve advanced as an athlete mentally, nutritionally, and physically more than I ever have. So, I would probably say that is my greatest accomplishment.

What’s the best thing(s) about CFNP?

There are two things that I really love about CFNP. The first being the atmosphere both the members and coaches create. It’s equally competitive, friendly, and motivating. I have never wanted to crush, high-five, or positively yell at a group of people more. The second is everyone’s desire to get better. At CFNP, I ALWAYS hear people asking how they can improve their time, diet, or

form no matter the caliber of athlete. No one thinks they’re better than the next, and that’s something I have never experienced in any other gym or community.

Which class time do you most commonly attend?  

I always attend the 5:30PM, but I’m usually there for most of the 6:30PM as well.

Is competing one of

your goals?  

I love competing. I’ve done several competitions in the teen category, but only one or two in the adults. I’m beyond excited to continue competing at a higher level :)

Do you have any advice for someone on the fence about trying CrossFit or joining CFNP? 

Honestly…JUST DO IT. If you don’t end up liking it, the only thing you lose is an hour of your free time, which probably would have been used doing something lame anyways. BUT if you do like it, you just found an activity that will keep/make you healthy, energized, and strong, as well as a new community that will support you.

What keeps you motivated?  

The concept of constantly improving and knowing that there is no limit on how fit I can be.

How has CrossFit

changed your life?  

I could go on forever about how CrossFit changed my life, but I think the simple answer would be the level of independence it’s given me. At the most basic level, this means I don’t need help opening a jar (except sometimes I do, because I have ti

ny hands) or I don’t need help carrying groceries to my car. At a deeper level, this means I’ve learned to not need other people’s approval and that hard work will get you farther than almost anything.

What has been your favorite workout and why?

I think Diane is my favorite workout because it represents my CrossFit experience. The HSPU are easy and boost my confidence, but the deadlifts are very quick to humble and remind me that there’s so much to work on. It’s a lot of ups and downs, but eventually, I finish.

What is your favorite cheat item? 

Pasta by far. Nothing compares to a bowl full of pasta.

What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym? 

I don’t really have that much time between CrossFit and School, but playing with my dog and baking are two things I really enjoy.

Anything I missed that you would like to share?

I’m going to college next year, which means I won’t be at CFNP as often. So without getting too sentimental, I’d just like to say thank you for letting be a part of your community and for constantly pushing me to improve.

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