How can a CrossFit Kids program help my child in sports?

Updated: Jan 25

In the years of having a kids program at CrossFit North Pasadena, there is one common question that arises the most often out of any others, and that is "Can your program help my child in (fill in sport)?"

It's a valid question. Especially considering that (thanks to social media and ESPN) CrossFit now appears as its own sport entirely. However, let's take a trip down old memory lane, and revisit the very original purpose of CrossFit.

Back in the early days of CrossFit, the purpose was very simple: not specialize in anything, and to be physically prepared for anything. This meant that if you had a CrossFitter in front of you, next to a non-CrossFitter, and neither had ever performed a task of running up a hill with a large jug of water over their heads...the CrossFitter would win. Why you may ask? Well, it's because if neither has practiced that task, the one that has become more generally physically prepared for anything, will likely be the most capable. Applying this concept to kids sports now becomes pretty simple, and it's a scenario I often present to the parents; "If there were two soccer players chasing a ball, the more fit soccer player has a higher chance of getting control of the ball. If there were two basketball players fighting for a rebound, the more fit player will likely gain possession of the ball." This has nothing to do with CrossFit teaching those kids how to grab a ball out of the air, but it has everything to do with CrossFit developing the physical skills to grab that ball out of the air. Similarly, the more physically demanding a sport becomes, the more dependent an athlete becomes on their physical abilities. Do we really need to discuss who has the advantage in a wrestling match or football game?

We are in the industry of creating more fit individuals, plain and simple. If you consider any sport, it is guaranteed that the child with increased strength, increased speed, increased coordination, will have a higher likelihood of success.

So does CrossFit help your child in (fill in sport)? Technically no, we won't make your child a better volleyball player (we leave that to their volleyball coach) instead, our CrossFit Kids program will help your child develop the abilities to succeed in ANY sport they choose today, or tomorrow.

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