How Can CrossFit Affect My Child's Habits?

Wanna know what phrase drives us up the wall? When people say "Kids these days are different."

We always want to ask, "How? How are kids different these days? Do they not still have two arms and two legs, two eyes and two ears, a brain, a heart, energy?" The issue is that when adults say that kids are different these days, what they're really saying is that their habits have changed from previous generations. Three decades ago the weekend activity was playing outside, now it is playing video games inside. Three decades ago it was going to the park, now it's watching Netflix and scrolling through social media. Three decades ago it was sitting around a dinner table learning how to carry on a conversation about your day, now it's iPads and headphones. The amazing thing when you think about it, is that kids these days enter this earth as an entirely blank slate. They don't know what generation they live in. They don't know what they're "supposed" to do, you wanna know who teaches them that? We do. We teach them as early as possible what an iPad is, that mommy and daddy's phone have games to play, and that if they're good, they can go play video games later. The habits kids have "these days" are learned from us. Now we're not standing on a soapbox about technology, but if you've found yourself thinking "kids these days are different" then we encourage you to follow that up with, "How can I teach them the habits that I learned?"

The truth of the matter is that instilling good habits in a child is an uphill battle, for every minute you keep them outside playing, they're seeing their friends staying inside with video games. As they get older they begin to see more and more of the "norm" and naturally want that. The goal of our CrossFit Kids program is not to change the life of your child, that's the parent's job. Our goal is very simple, to introduce the fitness habits that develop and grow into their older years. When a child is introduced to the abilities of their body at a young age (jumping, pulling, running, lifting, throwing, etc) they begin to expect to use those skills, the habits of seeing their body the way we used to see it ("I'm faster than him", "I'm a strong girl", "I can jump on that", etc). CrossFit Kids will not send your child to the NBA tomorrow, nor will it send them to the Olympics next month, but with new habits being introduced to them daily at CrossFit Kids, the habits they form will be the very first building blocks towards an active life.


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