How Can CrossFit Help My Child's Mindset?

"The highest reward for men and women's devotion and dedication to excellence is not what one gets from it but what one he or she becomes through it."

We tend to overlook what the mind is capable of, almost as much as we tend to overlook how much we can strengthen it and condition it. We know the cliches about having the right perspective, about being positive, but that's all based on reaction, there is a HUGE part of that equation missing...the preface to those quotes. We understand we can strengthen our legs, we know we can improve our physique, our digestion, yet for some odd reason our "conditioning mindset" stops just shy of training our mindset. Think about how odd that is, we go to the gym, we eat healthily, we understand repetition in an exercise will strengthen our bodies, yet we tend to not think that way about our brains. It's not true just so you know, to think "Well I've just always been cynical," or "I've just always been negative." Those are learned mindsets, and with enough practice, they can be changed. Today I'm not talking about you though (although this I'm sure is quite applicable to us), instead I'm talking about our kids.

Let's bring this into a context you as the parent can better-understand; when you see your child bitting their nails what do you say? How about when they burp at the dinner table? Ok ok, I'm sure you don't have kids that do that, so let's think more broadly...when your child receives a gift, what do you tell them to say? I'm betting you've taught them some "exercises" and eventually with enough "repetition" they began learning new habits. As they get older, if you hear them call themselves fat, or say they're stupid, what do you say to them? Is that mindset training I hear?

What's extra difficult is that you are not around nearly often enough to catch every one of those instances, instead they're in their own head, at school, drilling these negative mindsets all day long. As a parent, your job (one of many) is to provide opportunities to your child not just for better education, not just for safety, but for opportunities that they may not connect or make sense of today. Something like "fitness" may not correlate to mindset training for them, and that's ok; that's why I'm speaking to you, the parent :)

CrossFit is a tool not just for fitness, but also a tool for next level mindset training. It's one tool of many, that can be leveraged and used towards more opportunities for a more positive mindset, for a stronger sense of self-worth, greater self-confidence, a tribe of like-minded kids looking to excel at something. Negative talk is not allowed when a chance to jump higher is right around the corner. The stronger a kid becomes the less room for calling themselves weak exists. As parents the overwhelming task to create opportunities for growth, limit failure, all while maintaining a healthy balance of everything. CrossFit kids can help with that balance.


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