May Member of the Month- John Vaca

Classes are the most fun when you've got athletes who are willing to work hard sure, but nothing can beat someone who comes to class ready to workout while also ready to make jokes and help everyone in the room have a good time. John is that guy for the 7:30pm class. He may have a tendency to say "I hate everyone" during mid workouts but if you know him then you know that couldn't be further from the truth. Whether he is doing extra workouts that coach Tawny cookes up for him or he is hanging out after class to watch Tiger Woods make history; John is a blast to have in the gym. Read on below to learn a bit more about his journey at CFNP.

How long have you been Crossfitting?

I have been Crossfitting for 9 months now.

What made you try CrossFit? I started CrossFit because I am a former athlete and all of my workouts were programmed for me. This allowed me to just show up and get ready to work. CrossFit mimics that for me. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment while at CFNP?  

My biggest accomplishment at CFNP has been the improvement of my flexibility. Especially in my front and and back squats. 

What’s the best thing(s) about CFNP?

The best thing about CFNP is the feeling of community that we all share. Every class that I’ve been to I’ve been able to learn from other people and connect with a lot of people in a certain ways. (Mutual Friends, schools we went to, places of work and business.) 

Which class time do you most commonly attend? I most commonly attend the 7:30 class on weekdays.

Is competing one of your goals? I would like to compete one day once I can do double unders, strict pull ups and burpees efficiently. 

Do you have any advice for someone on the fence about trying CrossFit or joining CFNP? For anyone that is joining I would say, just show up and keep getting after it. If you commit, come up with a plan and just do you, you’ll improve and at times even surprise yourself. 

What keeps you motivated?  

What motivates me are the times I surprise myself. Sometimes it’s a one rep max and sometimes it’s being able to efficient with burpees one day.

How has CrossFit changed your life?  

It gives me something to look forward to everyday after work and makes me take ownership of my health. If I didn’t start when I did, I could have been in trouble right now.

What has been your favorite workout and why?

My favorite workout is anything that has power cleans (with no squats). I also like it when I’m the only person in class sometimes on Thursday nights and I get to push the sled.

What is your favorite cheat item?

When it comes to cheating, i’m a big ice cream guy. Nothing like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym? My favorite activity outside of the gym is attending sporting events. 

Anything I missed that you would like to share?

All good.

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