The 2018 CrossFit Open

TEAM - The concept is simple in definition. A group of individuals sharing a common mission. Most people have revolving theories, examples, and stories about how teams should look and function, but the concept is pretty concrete. Yet as concrete as it sounds, there are times when a team is difficult to form and maintain. At CFNP we emphasize "community," which in my opinion is only a cohesive community because we are a “team”; a team with the common goal of pushing each other, encouraging each other, and holding each other accountable to the common mission of creating a better quality of life via fitness.

Oh, you didn’t know you were part of Team CFNP? Well, have you ever cheered for somebody to pick up the bar and keep going? Have you ever been encouraged by another member to run just a little faster? Have you ever been inspired by watching a fellow member hit a new PR on a lift or WOD? Well shoot, welcome to the team :) That was easy wasn't it?

What about when things get difficult?

When things don't go your way.

When you’re having a tough time hitting that heavy lift.

When the eating has been off-track.

When you want to quit the team and walk away.

If you were a good teammate to others, well then those “others” will be good to you in return and pick you up when you need it most. The community will lift you up no matter how far you've fallen...if you're on the team. So all this theory is great, but let’s turn it into an objective action. Let’s look at the largest team event CrossFit has to offer, the 2015 CrossFit Open.

The CrossFit Open begins at the end of this month, 2.26.15 to be exact. You can google it and find tons of articles dissecting how the top athletes in the regions and even the world are going to begin their journey to the coveted CrossFit Games on ESPN. Those articles will even be obnoxious enough to boast that only 1% of athletes will actually make it through the Open, past Regionals, and to the CrossFit Games. Here is my issue with that. Why doesn't anybody talk about the most important part? The 99% of people who won't ever make it to the Games? Why on earth would Jane Doe pay the money to participate in the Open, when she knows damn well that she is NOT in that 1%? Are they going to try and convince us that "Hey who knows, maybe this is the year you make it to the CrossFit Games; you'll never know if you don't try!"? We aren’t four years old anymore, those tricks don’t work on us.

Who is the 99% you may ask? Those that can’t run a mile in under 6 minutes, those who cannot snatch twice their body weight, those who cannot do 30 strict muscle ups in a row...are you catching my drift?

The point is that very few people even personally KNOW somebody that is in that 1% category. So when I hear somebody leaving a team because they want to focus on their athletic pursuits, I am disappointed to realize that they never truly enjoyed being on the team and growing with the 99%.

Let's cut to the chase. CrossFit is NOT about the individual. Is it meant to get the individual more fit? Yes. Is it meant to build an individual's confidence? Definitely. But CrossFit is about the community. More importantly at CFNP, it's about being on the team. The team that has decided that the easy way is no longer an option, and that with the support of the team, we can accomplish things we never thought possible. During the Open you will have a chance to push yourself, to become more fit, but most importantly you will have the chance to contribute to Team CFNP! Our gym will be ranked out of all the gyms in the WORLD, but again, we are not the 1%, we are the 99%, the 99% that GET IT, we are about our team, our community, and come the 26th of February, you will have a legitimate and quantifiable opportunity to contribute to Team CFNP.

Call to Action

Here comes the challenge, as you all know, if a blog has no point or challenge it is simply a rant, so here is your challenge. REGISTER FOR THE OPEN. Here is the link to do so.

If you are still not sold and are like me, you want DETAILS. So if you truly want to understand how anybody can do this with the team then find all those nitty-gritty details below.


Ok so as promised here comes the nitty-gritty about the ins and outs of the Open. I will use three hypothetical athletes, figure out which one you are.

Athlete #1

This athlete knows he/she can do Most movements prescribed and therefore will go after the prescribed WODs like a beast and their scores will contribute to Team CFNP and to their personal ranking on the Rx Leaderboard.

Athlete #2

This athlete is not quite crazy about competing and has about a 50/50 chance at doing the WODs prescribed (depending on which movements are programmed that week). This athlete will decided every week if they are going to perform the WOD Rx or “scaled”. If they decide to do the WOD as prescribed (Rx) for that week then they will be able to contribute to Team CFNP. If they decide to go scaled that week, then their score will not be added to Team CFNP...HOWEVER they will still be given personal credit toward their personal ranking on the Rx Leaderboard. The only catch is that their scaled score cannot outdo an Rx score, therefore it will be ranked amongst the other scaled scores.

Athlete #3

This athlete is sure they will be scaling most WODs therefore they will decide to go “scaled” the entire Open. This concept is actually really cool because if you decided to go scaled the entire Open, you will have your own “Scaled Leaderboard” in which you will have your own ranking amongst all other scaled athletes. Do NOT count this athlete out, tons of victories can be had here for an athlete looking to stay competitive and have a good time.

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