The Foundation of Fitness

Every single day at our gym we ask you two questions. First, we ask you a question of the day so we can get you talking, get to know you and just enjoy the person that you are. The second question that we ask is always the same, “How’s your body feeling?” We want to know if there are any injuries we should be aware of before we put you through an hour of grueling training. We are curious about your recovery, curious about how much sleep you’ve had and if anything out there in your daily life has caused you pain. For the most part you know how to be honest and as a result you are able to prevent injuries and sustain consistent fitness. Yet, there is a question that I think is even more important than those two and it is one that we don’t currently ask.

The question I’d like to start asking every day is, “How has your food been today?” Did you just ask yourself and feel slightly shamed or get uncomfortable at the thought of having to answer? Don’t worry, I get that feeling pretty often myself but what I’ve found is that when I feel the most shame or discomfort is when it is a question I have been avoiding. I’m trying to avoid those inevitable truths even though I can’t run from the numbers that present themselves on the scale and I can't avoid the way my body reacts to poor nutrition during a workout. If you’ve ever had to run a 5k after having a bad day of food then you know that you can feel those poor food decisions every step of the way. Yet many of us still continue to try and out train a bad diet. I'm here to tell you point blank that you can't out train a bad diet and at CFNP we don't want you to. Instead, we'd like to show you how you can change your diet to improve your training. We want to show you that you don't have to be perfect 100% of the time to get those results that you want to see and we can help you get there.

The CrossFit world has prided itself on trying to change the way the world views fitness. They present to us a continuum of sickness to fitness and encourage everyone to get off the couch where sickness typically resides and get into the gym where fitness ensues. However, what is even more important than the way CrossFit is trying to change how the world understands fitness is how CrossFit is trying to remind the world that nutrition is the most important. In fact, in the early days of CrossFit Greg Glassman boasted about sending athletes away from training and encouraging them to fix their nutrition first.

Nutrition is in fact the base of the CrossFit pyramid (pictured right) and what should that tell us? First, it should remind us that nutrition is the base for everything aka it is the true foundation of fitness. Second, it should make you ask yourself what you are doing to build that foundation? Not quite sure of the answer just yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for you.

The truth is, what everyone needs is an accountability partner or a coach. You need someone who can take a look at your biometrics, your weigh-ins, your daily food logs and then analyze them and give you the cold hard truths. This accountability partner cannot be yourself although self reflection is a great place to start, and it really shouldn’t be someone who is a best friend or significant other. I love my husband don’t get me wrong but at times he can be the one who tempts me to break from my nutrition habits the most and he isn’t going to be the one who necessarily wants to give me those cold hard truths when I’ve been eating cookies three days in a row.

If you're not ready to give everyone your information just yet then you can start by downloading a free food log app like myfitness pal or taking a notebook and writing down everything you eat. Everything? Yes, everything! Tracking your food is going to show you how much you are actually putting into your body and what the quality of that food is like. It will show you whether or not you are overloading on carbohydrates or underfeeding on protein.

The next step is for you to make sure that at every meal you are getting enough of the correct macronutrients from quality sources. This means it is time to purge the pantry of the processed and packaged foods that you might be consuming. Are you unsure if the food is processed? Take a look at the ingredients and if there are any words that you cannot pronounce or you do not know what they are then it is a food that can go.

So there you have it; three steps that will support you in improving not only your nutrition but your fitness level.

  • Step One: Write down or track everything you're eating to get a baseline of what you're consuming

  • Step Two: Throw away the processed and packaged foods and try to balance your macronutrients

  • Step Three: Get a coach who can explain the numbers to you and give you advice on how to reach your goals.

Here at CFNP we offer leaning challenges for members to get a jump start in their nutrition and we also offer nutrition coaching. We want you to get the foundational education about your nutrition, we want to partner with you to reach those goals but we are also ready to be the one to tell you the cold hard truths. Interested in more information? Check out some additional FREE nutrition information by clicking HERE and downloading our nutrition ebook. After that, we look forward to seeing you for a FREE consultation where we can help you get on the right track to meeting those nutrition goals.


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